About the brand Primabiotic

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We present you with a new brand that we have created for everyone who wants to feel good and stay healthy, regardless of age. 

We invite you to the world of microorganisms that will allow us to maintain well-being, vitality and are environmentally friendly. We hope that our knowledge transferred to the pages of this website will inspire you to change for the better in your life. 

PRIMABIOTIC – Nature offers the healthiest solutions.

It may be surprising for most people that the smallest living organisms in the world, i.e. bacteria, are beneficial to health. Thanks to them, it is possible to cure various ailments inexpensively and comprehensively. We were taught from an early age that bacteria are germs that cause disease and that all bacteria pose a threat to immunity. However, the 21st century is becoming the time of a revolution in medicine. A coup will change the perspective and lead to a different perception of microorganisms. Discoveries overturn many years of inculcated principles. Bacteria become partners of tissue cells. Their absence or disturbance in quantity provokes diseases. Our ancestors did not grow probiotics, nor did they strive to rule the world of microbes.

 Man has always healed using bacteria created in the fermentation process, and this dates back to ancient times.

The combination of the tradition and knowledge of experts and the technical capabilities of the 21st century allowed us to create a range of PRIMABIOTIC products. The use of probiotechnology (* Probiotechnology – a method of producing and using the composition of beneficial microorganisms) with the participation of beneficial microorganisms causes that the resulting products have unique nutritional, energy and bioactive qualities.

They have a positive effect not only on human health but also on our environment.


Primabiotic Natural Collagen

We strongly encourage you to give a second life to collagen bottles and gradually replace the packaging of our products with more eco-friendly ones.