senior diet

The best supplements for the elderly – check what is worth choosing!

With age, the need for vitamins and vital ingredients increases. If we add to this the fact that many seniors do not care about a varied diet, move less and take a lot of medications – it should come as no surprise that supplements for the elderly are often necessary. Which of them are worth paying attention to? We advise!

Vitamins for seniors

Elderly people should first of all supplement with vitamins that contribute to strengthening bones, supporting the nervous system and strengthening immunity.

It is essential for bones vitamina D3. It is estimated that up to 25 percent. seniors may suffer from its deficiency. The older we are, the worse we synthesize this vitamin through the skin from the sun. Even people who sunbathe regularly are not free from the problem.

Taking vitamin D3 allows you to better absorb calcium from the digestive tract. It affects the strengthening of bones, teeth and muscle function. This, in turn, can prevent osteoporosis or fractures.

Collagen – not only for wrinkles

Often, when we talk about collagen supplementation in the case of the elderly, we associate it with its effect on the skin (reducing wrinkles, improving firmness). Kolagen,the production of which slows down in our body with each subsequent birthday after the age of 25, it is the building material of bones, tendons, skin and blood vessels.

Its action not only affects us visually – oral supplementation can minimize the pain that occurs during everyday activities, and also accelerate the healing of wounds (older people often complain that even a small morning heals on the skin for weeks).

Collagen supplementation also contributes to better absorption of minerals and lowers the risk of degenerative joint diseases. Outside of the health sphere, oral collagen supplementation helps strengthen hair (often thinning in seniors), nails and makes the skin look simply younger.

How to regain former vitality?

Supplements for the elderly are also natural means to regain energy and willingness to act. We very often observe that elderly people become apathetic, do not even want to go for a walk, give up their interests, etc. Of course, such people should be carefully monitored – often the symptoms described above are associated with depression and require consultation with a doctor.

It is a healthy “energy” that can be given to seniors maca root  .It contains a number of vitamins and essential fatty acids, a lot of fiber and protein. It is sometimes called “Peruvian ginseng”, it improves concentration, adds energy, supports the work of the nervous system. It improves general well-being and can solve seniors’ problems related to the lack of willingness to do any activities.