Collagen – is it worth taking? To some, the popularity of products containing this protein may seem like a temporary fashion. However, it’s an undeniable fact that when we turn 26, we stop producing collagen, which heavily affects how we feel and look. We believe there are quite a few reasons to reach for supplementation – we describe the 6 most important ones below!

1. Feel better every day – without bone and joint pain

“The older you get”, ” it is what it is now”. – How many times have you heard something like this when your bones creak or your joints hurt? With collagen, most of these symptoms can disappear, and you won’t associate weekend garden works with pain, but with relaxation!

2. Stronger hair and nails

Collagen supplementation gives a ‘beauty’ effect. Collagen protein is the foundation of both nails and hair, so it is no wonder that when provided in supplement form – our hairstyle dazzles with volume and our manicure looks impeccable ( and so do natural nails).

3. Less wrinkles on face

Collagen is said to be the skin’s ‘scaffolding’. If we regularly strengthen this structure, deep wrinkles are no longer so visible and the formation of new ones is delayed. Add collagen supplementation to your anti-wrinkle routine and you are sure to see the results!

4. Firmer body

We have already mentioned the ‘beauty’ effect when it comes to hair, nails or wrinkles. Additionally, collagen firms up the body, helps fight cellulite and prevents skin “sagging” when we are on a diet. It fights against gravity in all sorts of ways, and that is why it is gaining a lot of fans!

5. Faster scar healing

Wound healing involves, among other things, increased collagen production by connective tissue cells. To support and accelerate this process, supplementation is highly recommended. This applies not only to surgical scars, but also to acne residues or simple cuts.

6. Healthy boost for athletes

Active sportspersons, including professionals, can benefit from collagen supplementation: it is a portion of protein which, in combination with training, supports the formation of muscle mass, in addition collagen makes us regain our energy faster after exercise and we are less likely to suffer injuries.

Those who doubt whether collagen supplementation makes sense may be encouraged to give it a try by the fact that the protein is completely natural to the human body. It is extremely rare to experience any unwanted side effects from taking collagen, and it is difficult to overdose it.

Many studies have shown that there is a strong link between collagen supplementation and the health of connective tissue, and that the supply of this protein has a key impact on a person’s wellbeing and appearance. Of course, we can make an effort to make our diet collagen-rich and eat, for example, pork knuckles, cephalopods, jellies, cartilage or eggs, but this will most likely not make up for the deficiency. Besides, not everyone likes such food specialities.

By choosing good-quality collagen, we can be sure that it will be pleasant or at least neutral in taste. There should be no discomfort caused by taking it. A little patience is all that is required – like other supplements, collagen needs to be taken for a minimum period of one month, preferably three months, or even six months if we have health problems related to joints or bones. Only then will it be possible to observe how supplementing the “protein of youth” affects us.