As we often point out, there are no magic supplements that make you lose weight without any effort. However, when you start to try to get into shape, some preparations can really help. Does collagen affect weight loss? It turns out that it does! Find out what properties it has and what you can gain by supplementing it regularly.

Firmer skin after weight loss

Very often, weight loss is accompanied by sagging skin. The thighs, buttocks, forearms and abdomen are most vulnerable to this process. Our size is decreasing, but the body still doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing… What can you do? Remember to lose weight soundly – loss of 0.5 to 1 kg per week is the optimum healthy pace to avoid the yo-yo effect.

And don’t forget that the body will firm up with the right exercises, e.g., training with light weights (even two small bottles of water instead of weights are sufficient at the beginning). Thirdly and finally, sagging of the skin will be prevented by supplementing collagen. It is the most important protein in the human body, giving elasticity and resilience to the tissues.

Maintaining adequate levels of collagen (whose levels in the body decline after the age of 25) is a guarantee of beautiful, moisturized and, above all, firm skin – even during weight loss!

Protein in your diet

If you have started your weight loss journey, you will surely know that nutritionists recommend eating well-balanced meals consisting of high-quality carbohydrates, protein and fats. Meals containing a lot of protein are more filling and can help you avoid hunger. Besides, in order to digest protein, the body has to work harder than when burning carbohydrates, and therefore consumes more calories!

High-quality supplements with collagen can contain up to 10 g of protein per serving. If you choose a preparation without sugar, artificial coloring and preservatives, and which is hydrolyzed (this form is best absorbed), this will be a healthy choice in you daily diet!

Collagen and sports and training

Finally, it is worth mentioning another important property of collagen. Thanks to it our joints stop hurting, we are able to recover faster after training, and even if we do suffer an injury – it should be much milder. This is very important, especially for people who are new to physical activity and may therefore complain of various pains that discourage them from exercising. And training, as we all know, is, next to diet, the most essential part of looking after a slim figure.

As you can see, collagen affects weight loss in many different ways. And if you’ve already lost weight and are looking to build muscle mass – you should also choose collagen!