As summer approaches, the question “how do I firm up the skin on my stomach?” comes up more and more often in conversations and on Internet browsers. What causes the loss of firmness in this area and how to fight it? We have gathered some tips!

Not so firm stomach skin – causes

What makes some people enjoy bouncy, tight skin, while others complain about lack of firmness? There are several causes however among the most common, we can say:


As we age, collagen levels in our bodies decrease. Along with the loss of this protein, our skin becomes less firm and less hydrated, which contributes to a reduction in skin tightness. But the problem occurs not only in the stomach area. How to fight it? The best way is to reach for a dietary supplement with a high dose of collagen, which after about 3 months – combined with a rational diet and exercise – should bring quite good results!

Rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss can largely cause flabbiness and sagging of the skin. The body is unable to handle too rapid weight loss, so the skin – especially that in the stomach area – can look unattractive and simply sag – despite the fact that, after all, we have managed to shed unnecessary weight. Remember that the appropriate rate of weight loss is 1 kg per week. In case of doubt, we should reach for a menu arranged by a dietitian.

Lack of exercise and inadequate diet

Physical activity is extremely important in order to have firm skin – not just that on the stomach! Inadequate diet along with a sedentary lifestyle simply make us gain weight and we can forget about springy thighs, buttocks or tight abdomen. Nobody needs to be particularly convinced that even small changes (bicycle instead of car, stairs instead of elevator) can help achieve good results.


Hormonal changes and stretching of collagen and elastin fibers during pregnancy can affect the loss of firmness of the skin (they may or may not – the case really is individual here). How to firm the skin on the stomach after pregnancy? This is where you need to act in several directions – starting with moisturizing the skin with the right products, exercising and following a reasonable diet. Gentle massages can also be helpful. Note: After pregnancy, start cautiously and consult any plans for physical activity with your GP!

Methods to firm up the skin on the stomach:

Bet on regularity!

The key to success is – as in most cases – regularity! The struggle for firm skin is not a short-term spurt, but a long-term plan of action and a small-step technique.

Physical activity

The best exercises for abdominal muscles are tummy tucks, plank and scissors. Properly performed at least 3 times a week, will reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. This will make the stomach skin more resilient and elastic. If you don’t have the time or desire to do tummies, go for a long walk or hop on a bike!


While in the shower, alternate between hot and cold streams. By doing so, you will stimulate circulation and thus take care of the elasticity of your stomach. In addition, you will strengthen and nourish the blood vessels. Remember that the skin does not like too frequent hot baths in the tub. It’s better to give them up in favor of quick showers in case you’re wondering how to firm the skin on your stomach.

Sponge massage

Along with alternating showers, it is a good idea to perform a stomach massage. There is no need for an expensive brush – an ordinary sponge with a rough tip is enough. Each time perform such a massage for a few minutes. Your skin will become smoother and visibly firmer.

Good sleep

Lack of sleep and excessive stress have a very negative effect on our mental and physical condition. It’s all caused by the stress hormone cortisol. Proper amount of sleep, diet and avoiding stressful situations will positively affect the tightness and appearance of the skin – not only on the stomach.

How to firm the skin on the stomach? The matter is neither too simple nor overly complicated. What matters are: being regular, systematic and realizing that it is best to act in multiple ways, that is, to combine diet, physical activity and skin care with massages and supplementation. A comprehensive approach will get us closer to the desired goal faster!