Your knee hurts? Check that you are not making these mistakes!

Knee pain is an unpleasant ailment that can affect people of all ages. There are many reasons for it, so prolonged pain should always be consulted with a doctor. It is possible, however, that we work alone every day to deteriorate the condition of our knees. Below are some of the most common “sins” – change your habits and you will quickly notice an improvement!


  1. No warm-up

Warming up is the element of training that we most often underestimate. Breaking out to strenuous exercise without first preparing your entire body – including your knees – can be devastating. Pain, mild at first, can quickly become intense and make exercise impossible.


  1. Unsuitable shoes

Here it is worth mentioning high heels – a high heel does not have a positive effect on the pelvis, spine and knees. Let us put on such shoes only when we do not have to walk much, let it be a model for special occasions. Specialists also say that knee pain can be caused by wedges (a stiff sole makes it impossible to take steps correctly), as well as … flat shoes like ballerinas. People who complain about problems with the locomotor system should wear specially contoured insoles in their footwear.


  1. Unnecessary kilos

This is something that seriously endangers the health of our knees! It is estimated that each kilogram of body weight is a load of 5 kg for the knee – so it is easy to calculate what the situation looks like when there are several or a dozen extra kilos. In this situation, even light exercise can cause knee pain. In this case, physical activity should be undertaken very carefully and should be exercised in the type of movement that puts the least stress on the knee, e.g. riding a stationary bike.


  1. No movement

No extreme is good. The knee can hurt from too strenuous workouts, and at the same time its quiet “killer” is sitting work or inactivity at all. We were made to move, walk, run and cycle. When we do not move, we weaken the joints and “work” on degenerative changes within them. Over time, simply climbing stairs becomes a challenge! Work on moderate activity and your knees will thank you!


  1. Improper diet

The building block of cartilage is protein – this is what we should focus on when designing our diet. It should also include fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats. Over time, our body produces less and less collagen, which is responsible for the strength of bones, muscles and joints – that’s why (every now and then!) We should not refuse to eat meat jellies, giblets or pork knuckles. At the same time, products that are a source of collagen can contribute to the increase of bad cholesterol, so … The best solution is to take a supplement with collagen hydrolyzed, which has the highest absorption and gives results quickly!