How to take care of your skin in summer? 5 tips for hot days!

We will welcome summer in a moment! When the temperature outside the window rises, and we only think about trips, sunbathing and bathing … skin care often goes by the wayside. This is a big mistake, because on hot days you cannot forget about protection, cleansing and taking care of yourself from the inside. So, how to take care of facial skin on hot days? Here are our tips!

Give your skin a drink


The sun, salt water, drinks by the pool … all these factors can make your face dry and no longer look radiant. Do not forget to drink the right amount of water, use mild cosmetics for removing makeup and creams with hyaluronic acid, which perfectly binds water in the epidermis. Supplementation will also bring a solid dose of collagen hydration.

Such care from the inside brings many benefits, especially for skin damaged by excessive sun exposure and with visible signs of aging. Collagen will work in many directions:

– moisturizes and firms the skin

– smoothes wrinkles

– makes the face look fresh and radiant

– will reduce discoloration

… And additionally, it works on hair, which can become dull and weakened by the sun and salt. If you’re wondering how to moisturize very dry skin in summer, remember that caring for it both inside and out is equally important!

Don’t forget to exfoliate

In summer, the skin produces more sebum and thus becomes polluted faster. To keep it looking beautiful, we need to get rid of dead skin cells on a regular basis. How? We can use chemical peels, but – attention – not everyone will be suitable for the summer. On sunny days, you can reach e.g. for acid:

– almond – works gently, exfoliates superficially, yet clearly refreshes the skin, has antibacterial properties and can be used for acne, sensitive or seborrhoeic skin,

– lactobion – can be used on sunny days, it is gentle, strengthens blood vessels, so it will also be used by women with a tendency to red spider veins on their face,

– ferulic – has antioxidant properties, so it is worth applying it to the face in summer, when the sun’s radiation promotes the formation of free radicals and faster skin aging!

Face cream with a filter – choose high protection

It is worth reminding you to be bored with the face creams with the filter. UVA radiation reaches the skin even through clouds and windows, we will not feel its effects physically – it does not cause burning or redness, but it promotes the formation of free radicals. These, in turn, can contribute to faster aging, pigmentation disorders and even skin cancer! In turn, UVB radiation is responsible for our tan, but also … burns.

We cannot protect ourselves 100% from the harmfulness of radiation, but let’s try to fight it. A suitable face cream with a filter should have an SPF 50 and should be applied several times a day, and always after a bath.

Makeup for summer – choose light and luminous

When the temperature rises, makeup likes to run off. A face under a thick layer of foundation and powder is simply suffocating, and besides, it does not look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, as part of taking care of its beautiful appearance, we suggest replacing some colored cosmetics with their lighter versions.

Instead of the classic fluid, try coloring creams, avoid matting powder, and to reduce the glow of the skin, use matting papers. The fewer products that cover the skin, the better. Or maybe you will give up applying makeup in the summer?

Do something that makes you happy!

This is legitimate, not related to care, but in our opinion equally important! Summer is a special time that promotes physical activity, developing passions, meeting friends … How we feel has a huge impact on how we look. Do this, thanks to which endorphins are released in your body, and your skin will certainly look dazzling!