Dry facial skin – what to do?

Many people suffer from dry skin. It not only causes discomfort, burning and itching but also affects the appearance of the face, resulting in redness or redness. These symptoms must not be underestimated. Dry facial skin requires immediate action.


Very dry skin of the face – causes

Very dry skin is associated with impaired work of the sebaceous glands. They are not able to properly moisturize the skin, which destroys the natural protective (lipid) barrier and accelerates the evaporation of water from its deeper layers.

Inadequate face care

The number one reason is improper skin care. It is important to use natural, alcohol-free cosmetics, free of fragrances and artificial colors, for the care of sensitive skin.

Too frequent use of peels, especially coarse-grained ones, also has a negative effect on the skin and causes even greater irritation.

Too many cosmetics used also have a great influence on drying out. It should be remembered that minimalism is recommended in this matter – it is better not to overdo it with treatments and care products.

Incorrect Diet

In the case of dry skin, a balanced diet and hydration are essential. You should consume at least 2 liters of water a day. Poor quality of eaten meals, reaching for processed foods, poor in vitamins and nutrients, will always leave a mark on the skin. Too much salt in the diet is also harmful, as well as drinking alcohol and smoking.


In the case of very dry skin, tanning is not recommended. The lack of an appropriate lipid layer of the skin can significantly deteriorate its condition. Even the use of high sunscreens does not guarantee protection, so it is best to avoid direct contact with the sun in the case of very dry skin. The use of the solarium is also not recommended.

Other causes of very dry skin:

  • badly chosen cosmetics
  • genetic predisposition
  • staying in air-conditioned or heated rooms
  • contact with detergents
  • diseases: psoriasis, diabetes

Dry skin – symptoms

Symptoms of very dry skin are visible to the naked eye. Redness, cracks, flaking – these are the most popular of them. They are accompanied by discomfort, the feeling of a tight “mask” on the face, and roughness.

Insufficiently moisturized, dry skin is more prone to damage and abrasions, and in its case, mimic wrinkles appear faster.

What to do in case of very dry skin

Use only natural cosmetics and don’t overdo it. Choose products consciously: no ethanol, no fragrances or artificial colors in the composition. Use creams and masks containing ingredients such as urea, vitamin E, aloe, glycerin, ceramides, squalane, lanolin, honey and beeswax and vegetable oils, e.g. almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil.

After washing, gently wipe your face with a very soft towel or paper towel.

Use the right creams for the season. Don’t forget to use sunscreen during the summer (preferably SPF 50).

A balanced diet, rich in whole grains and vegetables, and adequate hydration are very important. In addition, it is worth considering the care from the inside, using collagen supplements (after the age of 25, the amount in the body drops drastically).

Protect your skin from inside: