health at pandemic

How to take care of health in the time of an epidemic. 5 proven ways.

How do you care for your health in times of epidemics?

You probably stay at home, avoid interpersonal contacts, wash your hands, and disinfect everyday items.

These are certainly the best ways to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of the virus.

However, are these the best ways to take care of your health and build your immunity?

Unfortunately, we are all now exposed to more stress that negatively affects our immunity. We give up outdoor activities, which were irreplaceable for our physical and mental health. Finally, our interpersonal contacts are very limited, and they gave us reasons to smile and be happy every day.

That is why we have 5 proven ways for you to take care of your health, both physical and mental, despite social isolation. Yes! Checked! Because we’ve been testing them on ourselves for the last 3 weeks.


If you have a house with a garden, spend a lot of time outdoors. You live in a block of flats and have a balcony, use it! You live in a small apartment without a balcony, air the apartment often! Allow yourself a short walk, of course, taking all precautions. Do not wobble with the windows closed, fearing that the virus will fly through the barrel, the chances of it are slim. On the other hand, the effects of hypoxia in the body can effectively make your life difficult. Fatigue, deterioration of mental performance and concentration, insomnia … go on?


Yes, gyms are closed. The minister of health calls for limiting the practice of sports such as running and cycling in the field. However, don’t give up on physical activity entirely! Look for an alternative. Take a skipping rope and hula hoops from your wardrobe, look for inspiring online trainings. Encourage your family and friends to exercise. Maybe you can arrange a joint training during a videoconference. There will be fire!


While the world situation is not laughable at all, try to cut yourself off the negative news. Keep news related to the epidemic to a minimum. Be informed, but not overburdened with negative media coverage. Remember! Stress is your health’s greatest enemy. Spend time with your loved ones, play board games, watch TV series, dig out old photo albums or read a good book.


Bet on healthy homemade food. Reach for real food, not semi-finished products or ready-made fast food. A nutritious diet will positively affect your immunity and will give you a decent energy kick. Cook together with your loved ones, and if this is impossible, meet in your kitchens for video conferences. Maybe Grandma will show you how to prepare the perfect dumpling dough via Skype.


A healthy diet is definitely a good direction, but even the best-balanced diet will not provide us with all the necessary vitamins and microelements, especially now in the era of epidemics. Because although the sun is already shining beautifully, it is difficult to catch vitamin D3 from the sun’s rays spending most of the time in 4 walls. Therefore, reach for the best immune support supplements today. Especially for you, we have prepared ready-made sets of specially selected products to support immunity!