Prima Zdrowie turns into Primabiotic!

Soon we will change the name of Prima Zdrowie to Primabiotic. However, the brand's philosophy remains unchanged! Where did this idea come from and what does this change bring?
After the huge success of our products in Poland, we are opening up to the markets of Western Europe. We needed a name that would become recognizable everywhere! The choice fell on Primabiotic - previously this name was reserved for products with good bacteria. Now all supplements, vitamins and cosmetics will be under this banner.

Your favorite collagen will be available as Primabiotic Collagen. Don't worry - apart from the new label, we haven't changed anything in its composition!

If you signed up for the Prima Zdrowie newsletter, you will still receive information about promotions and news from us. When logging in to your account in the store (we have planned the address change for next week), use the same data as usual.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!