Although the “orange peel” is difficult to get rid of, it is not impossible! All you need is regularity and the implementation of a few good habits. If we start the fight against cellulite now, in summer we will definitely wear shorts and swimsuits without any complexes! In the article you will learn which oil works as a natural cellulite killer, whether there are cellulite supplements, and whether collagen against cellulite can be effective.

A natural killer of cellulite

To deal with cellulite, you need to act comprehensively – inside and out. There are many products on the market that tempt us with promises of smoothing the skin in a few days. Should we believe them? In our opinion, the best cosmetics come from nature, so to fight cellulite, we recommend using e.g. pumpkin seed oil.

Attention! Ordinary lubrication will not bring any spectacular results! If we really want to get rid of cellulite, combine the use of oil with a gentle massage. We can knead, pinch and pat the thighs. It is important to keep in the direction from the knees towards the heart. If we want, let’s invest in special rollers with insets for massaging the skin (they improve circulation!) Or in a Chinese bubble, which has long been recommended for minimizing cellulite changes. Important – treatments should be performed regularly, at least four times a week, because this is the only way to notice the effects.

Cellulite Supplements – Do They Really Exist?

In an ideal world, swallowing a cellulite supplement should solve our problem within a few hours. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! Therefore, the question arises whether it is worth spending money on widely advertised cellulite supplements at all. In our opinion, this only makes sense if we additionally introduce other healthy habits into our lives.

What is conducive to the formation of cellulite? First of all – processed food, i.e. all those buns, patties and fast food that we so often crave. A bad diet – inadequately balanced, low in vegetables or natural fiber – is destructive to the skin. If we want to have a beautiful body, first of all, we must eat well and healthy. And period! Lack of exercise is also responsible for cellulite. You really don’t have to go to backbreaking workouts 7 times a week to change that. First of all, let’s focus on minor modifications to the daily schedule: more walks, giving up the car, giving up the elevator, finding an activity that we like and which will not be an unpleasant necessity for us. Without a doubt, the quality of the skin will be much better thanks to this!

Once we have completed the above points, we can look for a suitable supplement that will “boost” the fight against cellulite.

Collagen against cellulite – hit or putty?

Hydrolysed collagen (we wrote about why this is what you should choose in the text „Collagen – frequently asked questions “) it is known primarily for its pro-health properties. It turns out that a lot of good can also do for our appearance. When used regularly, it smoothes out deep wrinkles, firms the skin, tightens it and has an “anti-gravity” effect in general. It improves its quality, therefore it is recommended as a complement to anti-cellulite treatment. Collagen against cellulite is therefore a versatile supplement that works not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

Often, by introducing changes in the diet and taking care of the right dose of exercise, we manage to lose unnecessary kilograms, which in turn promotes the formation of stretch marks. The unsightly stripes on the skin, related to the weight change, can be another nuisance. In this case, hydrolyzed collagen can also do wonders!

To sum up, the fight against cellulite should be treated as a gradual process. Introducing a few changes and taking advantage of the benefits of nature will help us feel better in our own skin and enter the bikini season with courage.

If you have already tried collagen for cellulite, be sure to let us know what effects you have achieved!