Hair loss problems can affect anyone. There are many different factors contributing to the weakening of the hair follicles – sometimes they are related to health, sometimes it is enough to just change the way of care. Today, a few words about what works for hair loss, what mixtures are worth preparing and which supplements to look at.

Hair loss – causes

The list of reasons why we cannot enjoy beautiful, thick hair is really long. Let’s start with the prosaic ones, i.e. improper care and activities that contribute to mechanical damage to the hair. Forcing combing, wearing a tight elastic band or even a handbag on the same arm helps to pull out the strands and weaken them. Similarly, aggressive hairdressing treatments – lightening or permanent – may affect hair loss. If you suspect that these are the main “culprits” of your problem, start protecting your hair as soon as possible, invest in good care and stop tiring your hairstyle.

Other reasons are: improper diet, poor in vitamins and minerals, problems with hormones and the thyroid gland, long-term use of medications (e.g. for high blood pressure or contraceptives), collagen deficiency or age (in men, hair may thin even before the age of forty, in women – in menopause). If we suspect that the loss of hair is related to diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor or visit a trichologist.

As has been observed, hair can also fall out after having COVID-19. According to many specialists, it is associated with stress accompanying the pandemic and anxiety for health or the future.

Home remedies for hair loss

To strengthen the hair, we can reach for products from our kitchen. Onion juice is said to be a great “booster”. It stimulates the bulbs and accelerates the appearance of the so-called baby hairs, i.e. new hairs. You can prepare the wierka in a juicer or simply grate the onion. The paste obtained in this way should be rubbed into the scalp, combining this activity with a gentle massage. Leave the onion for at least half an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. It is better to perform this treatment on a free day, because of the intense smell that can accompany you for a few hours later.

The method recommended by our grandmothers is to put a raw egg on the hair. Protein and yolk are the perfect strengthening duo: they prevent breakage, moisturize, add volume, regenerate and even remove dandruff. You can add a little castor oil (contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and protein) or lemon juice (gives shine) to the egg. Rinse the mixture with lukewarm water. To notice the effects, we should use it regularly.

Biotin and collagen for hair

When it comes to supplements, those with biotin and collagen in the composition have a beneficial effect on the hair. Biotin deficiency, i.e. vitamin B7, causes not only hair thinning, but also weakening of the nails. The same applies to collagen, which is no longer naturally produced by us before the age of 30. We wrote more about this in the text:“Drinking collagen – the effect of collagen on skin, hair and nails.”.In addition, it is worth considering supplementing with B vitamins. They regenerate hair, delay baldness, thicken the hairstyle and regulate the work of the scalp. When we choose the right supplement, do not forget to take it regularly, because only in this way can we expect results.