There are many collagen preparations on the market – the expensive and the cheaper ones, powders and capsules. What makes Collagen from Primabiotic stand out from the competition? Allow us to explain!

Amount of collagen per serving

There are many collagen supplements on the market that are relatively cheap, but unfortunately have a low collagen content per 1 serving.

Collagen Primabiotic has as much as 10,000 mg of collagen per 1 serving, and you can find formulations that contain as little as 2,500 mg or 5,000 mg of collagen – half the amount of our daily serving.

Form of collagen

The most popular supplement is collagen in the form of hydrolyzed collagen.

What is collagen hydrolysate? It is a collagen protein that has undergone a process called hydrolysis. This broke down the collagen molecule into smaller collagen peptides, which are more easily absorbed in the gut.

Hydrolyzed collagen has a high degree of absorption, which is related to the low molecular weight of the peptides that are produced during the hydrolysis process.

Particle size

The lower the molecular weight of collagen, the greater its absorption. When browsing through collagen preparations on the market, you can find some that are as high as 6,000 Da. This is definitely too much!

Collagen supplements with a molecular weight of more than 4,500 Da are less well absorbed by the intestinal walls and their absorption is significantly impaired.

Collagen Primabiotic is hydrolyzed bovine collagen and has a very low molecular weight of 2000 Da, making it easily absorbed.

Vitamin supplement

Collagen Primabiotic has as many as 12 vitamins in its composition, which further stimulate collagen biosynthesis and which together have a beneficial effect on health. Above all, the addition of vitamin C, which is essential for collagen synthesis, is important.

Not all collagen-based preparations on the market have added vitamin C in their formulation.


Disgusting taste that makes supplementation an ordeal? Powder lumps that can’t be stirred? No time to make a collagen smoothie because you’ve run out of milk? Not this time! Collagen Primabiotic stands out from its competition because it is ready to drink straight away and it is available in apple and lemon or peach flavor. Yum!

No unnecessary additives

Unfortunately, many of the available collagen-based preparations are loaded with artificial additives.

Collagen Primabiotic has a simple formulation with no added sugar. It is a gluten-free product.

Eco-friendly packaging

The glass bottle of Collagen Primabiotic provides greater assurance that you will find a high-quality product inside. In addition, such bottles can be reused in the zero-waste spirit!